July 20, 2019
    7:00 AM - 5:00 PM
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    Terracon Consultants
    11555 Clay Road
    Houston, TX 77043

      • Location: The workshop and exam will be held at the following location:
        ACI Houston Office (located behind the Terracon office)
        3900 Claymore Park Drive #120


    • Test Day (Saturday, July 20, 2019) includes 4-hour, open-book written exam followed by 2-hour, open-book practical written exam. Check-in for the test begins at 6:30 a.m. and the test will begin at 7:00 a.m. The doors will be locked and those that are late will not be allowed to take the exam.
    • Pricing: Includes the exam and work experience review. Books are not included in the cost of this test.
    • Meals: Breakfast is provided during the exam, along with snacks and drinks.
    • Physical Strength Requirement: N/A
    • PPE: N/A
    • A valid ID is required on the day of the test. The ID will be held until the Examinee completes and turns in their test(s) booklet/answer sheet.
    • Lodging: If traveling from out of town the following hotels are nearby:



    Comfort Suites

    11440 Clay Road

    Houston, TX 77041


    Comfort Suites

    Holiday Inn & Suites

    4606 Westway Park Boulevard

    Houston, TX 77041


    Holiday Inn

    Sheraton Houston West

    11191 Clay Road

    Houston, TX 77041





      • Point of Contact for this exam is Mark Dornak ([email protected]) or Joe Hill ([email protected]).
      • Interpreters: Not provided. Test is in English
      • Refund Policy: Refunds may be issued on a case-by-case basis, up until 14 days prior to the workshop. There will be a $25.00 service fee charged for refunds. No refunds will be issued within 14 days of the workshop. The cost of the materials will not be refunded.
      • Waiver: The attached waiver must be filled out and brought to class.


    A Concrete Quality Technical Manager is an individual who has demonstrated the knowledge and experience necessary to supervise an effective concrete quality control/quality assurance program and perform duties on behalf of the Architect/Engineer in technical matters pertaining to the concrete used in a project.

    An Associate Concrete Quality Technical Manager is an individual who is knowledgeable about concrete quality control/quality assurance, but does not have the experience required to qualify as a Concrete Quality Technical Manager.

    Scope and Knowledge:
    This program requires demonstration of the knowledge covered on the Job Task Analysis (JTA):

    JTA for ACI Concrete Quality Technical Manager Certification

    The JTA is a detailed list of specific points of knowledge that may be included in the examinations for this ACI Certification program. ACI urges candidates to use the JTA to prepare for the certification exams.

    Certification Requirements:
    For Concrete Quality Technical Manager, ACI will grant certification only to those applicants who:

    • Obtain a passing grade on the ACI written examination, and
    • Obtain a passing grade on the ACI practical application examination, and
    • Have passed at one time the written examinations for:
      - ACI Concrete Field Testing Technician – Grade I, AND
      - ACI Concrete Strength Testing Technician, AND
      - ACI Concrete Flatwork Technician, AND
    • Possess at least one of the following qualifications:
      - Professional Engineer and 3 years applicable experience, OR
      - Bachelor of Science in Engineering, Math, Physics, or Construction Management and 4 years applicable experience, OR
      - Associates Degree in Engineering, Math, Physics, or Construction Management and 5 years applicable experience, OR
      - 6 years applicable experience.


    The applicable experience for CQTM must include all of the following:


    • Decision making authority and responsibility
    • Verification of compliance with plans, specifications, and codes
    • Knowledge in administration of a concrete QA/QC plan
    • Documentation and reporting of test results
    • Proficiency in preparation of concrete mix proportions
    • Proficiency in evaluation of concrete and concrete materials test reports and documents.
    • Verification of the amount and range of work experience by the applicant's employer(s) is required.


    The four-hour written examination is open-book and consists of approximately 100 multiple-choice questions. To pass the written examination, BOTH of the following conditions must be met:

    • At least 60% correct for each of the required test methods and practices; AND
    • A minimum score of 70% overall.


    The two-hour practical application examination is open-book and consists of approximately 25 multiple-choice questions. The minimum passing grade for the examination is 70%.

    For Associate Concrete Quality Technical Manager, ACI will grant Associate-level certification to those applicants who have passed both the written and practical CQTM examinations and at one time passed the ACI Field Technician, Strength Technician, and Flatwork Technician written examinations. Individuals with Associate certification can upgrade to full CQTM status upon submittal and approval of sufficient education/work experience.

    Recertification is necessary every five years and requires either successful completion of the written and practical application examinations or fulfilling continuing education requirements as follows. To maintain certification via continuing education, the CQTM or Associate CQTM must complete 40 Professional Development Hours (PDH) of concrete-related continuing education every 5 years. The CQTM or Associate CQTM is responsible for maintaining documentation of PDH activities and submitting the PDH summary form with the renewal form available through the links at the bottom of this page. PDH activity may be subject to audit with documentation maintained for a period of 6 years. PDH programs may include e-learning, seminars, convention sessions, concrete or engineering-related college or university-sponsored courses and certification programs. A suggested list of approved courses will be published by the ACI Certification Department on an annual basis. Courses/Seminars will be considered for their approval based on their content's relevance to the areas of work experience/responsibility.

    Study Material:
    Books are not included in the cost of this test and are available from the ACI Bookstore.

    CP–91: Reference Guide for ACI Certification of Concrete Quality Technical Manager

    This package contains all of the resource materials needed to properly prepare for and take the examinations for certification as an ACI Concrete Quality Technical Manager, including all required ACI standards and the JTA.

    Work Experience:
    Concrete Quality Technical Manager Work Experience Form

    Program Policy:
    Concrete Quality Technical Manager & Associate Policy


    Remaining Seats: 2

    $650.00 Concrete Quality Technical Manager (CP-91) - WITH Reference Materials
    $700.00 after 05:00 pm July 6

    $600.00 Concrete Quality Technical Manager (CP-91) - WITH Reference Materials
    $650.00 after 05:00 pm July 6

    $250.00 Concrete Quality Technical Manager (CP-91) - WITHOUT Reference Materials
    $300.00 after 05:00 pm July 6