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    President's Report

    With the continuance of an eventful year, ACI Houston Chapter provides its summer newsletter. We strive to keep everyone updated as we move into the Fall.

    In June, the ACI Houston/ICRI Houston held its 2020 Clay Shoot and was a success with surprising attendance. Hats off to The Greater Houston Sports Club for taking extra precaution on safety protocols. Hope to see you all at the next Clay Shoot on May 4, 2021. 

    In July, the ACI Summer Symposium was postponed to 2021 due to corporate safety protocols. Stay tuned for our amazing speaker line-up. With our National ACI Fall Convention being cancelled, we want you to know that your safety is our utmost concern.  ACI Houston will be hosting hybrid general meetings.  This means you may register for online or in-person attendance.  ACI Houston is offering the online general meeting at a discounted rate. Hope to see you all at the next, “socially distant” October 8th general meeting!  Outside of what our government requires like social distancing, PPE, limited in-person gatherings, and virtual meetings, ACI Houston is taking precaution with in-person events that are held indoors and outdoors. We look forward to seeing you in September for the ACI Houston joint networking event with ICRI Houston - location to be annouced soon. 

    Testing availability is always posted on our website calendar, if your certifications are up for renewal or you need to get certified, please register at I would like to recognize our incredible Certifications Program for continuing to work with our members on keeping them employed and certified through Continuing Education as well as providing a safe testing environment for our SE’s and Technicians. See details in the Certification Corner.

    Lastly, thank you to our Corporate Sponsors who continue to support ACI Houston. We would not be where we are without you.

    If you are thinking about joining ACI Houston or wondering what ACI Houston can do for you, contact a local board member, attend one of our socially distant meetings at Maggiano’s and visit our website for ways to join. 

    As we continue to adapt to the many challenges this year, we anticipate shaking hands with you all soon.

    Melissa Camarillo-Duron
    ACI Houston Chapter President

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    Calendar of Events

    The coronavirus COVID-19 has impacted ACI Houston like many organizations.  We held our June General Luncheon featuring Tim Christle, P.E. of the Post-Tensioning Institute.  

    We also held our Annual Clay Shoot which was postponed from March.  We had a smaller crowds for both events, but we are happy to be back together. 


    2020 ACI / ICRI Clay Shoot Winners

    1st Place Team:  Alpha Testing

    1. Trey Viragomo
    2. Frank Trochesset
    3. Henry Trochesset
    4. (Ghost)

    2nd Place Team:  Terracon

    1. Jeff Cannon
    2. Kevin McKeever
    3. Todd Swoboda
    4. Curtis Rhodes

    3rd Place Team:  RSI/ICRI

    1. Hunter Wisnoskie
    2. Michael Pocock
    3. Chris McDaniel
    4. (Ghost)

    Top Flurry Team:  Terracon 1

    1. Jeff Cannon
    2. Kevin McKeever
    3. Todd Swoboda
    4. Curtis Rhodes

    Our August General Meeting was a hybrid webinar held at Maggiano's meaning you could attend in person or virtually.  We are one of the first chapters in the country doing this type of event.    

    The National ACI Convention in October will be held virtually, and ACI Houston Chapter events are being postponed or changed.  As we plan future events, your safety is our utmost concern.  

    Click the link below to view our upcoming events.


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    Certification Corner

    We typically have held our certifications every other month and were able to hold our March certification without any restrictions. However, as the local and CDC guidelines evolved, we decided it was in our best interest to postpone May’s certification until we were able to adapt. With the support of its Board Members, Officers and members, our Chapter was able to adapt and overcome any COVID based restrictions. Prior to COVID, we typically hosted 80-90 students per session (Field Grade 1, Agg 1 & 2, Lab 2, and Strength – along with Special Inspector Programs). We offer an in-house review the week prior to the exam for most of our programs and those reviews are offered at the Terracon Consultants’ location in Houston, Texas. However, due to the size of the training room, we did not feel we could accommodate a normal class and offer a safe learning environment. We decided to rent a large conference room at the nearby Holiday Inn and reduce the class size by about 30 percent. With the support of the Holiday Inn staff we have been able to host 2 certification events.

    We have also split our test sessions into four time “blocks”. By doing this, we have been able to bring students in at different times throughout the day and keep social distancing at the forefront. We are blessed to have enough equipment and a pool of Supplemental Examiners (approximately 25) to run 15 “full testing” stations during the Field Grade 1 performance exam. In between the time each student was running the tests, we sanitized the equipment. We have also implemented temperature checks, wearing of a face covering/masks, use of 100% gloves and COVID waivers. For the past two sessions we have had zero reported cases of COVID being contracted during our sessions.

        • September 19, 2020
        • October 10, 2020
        • November 14, 2020
        • December 5, 2020

    For certifications that include a workshop, as outlined in the course description, the workshop is included in the cost of the test. A light breakfast and lunch are provided at the workshop. A light breakfast is provided with the first time slot for the exam weekend, but students are advised to bring either their lunch or a light snack if they anticipate being there through the lunch hour. Student handbooks are distributed at the workshop and will not be available on the day of the exams. Student handbooks are not mailed, but may be picked up at the local ACI office (with prior arrangements). Please contact [email protected] to make arrangements.

    Did you know?

    • Combined, we have 27 National ACI Committees represented by 6 Examiners/Supplemental Examiners!

    • Review sessions and workbooks are included in most of our programs.

    • Our passing rate for those who attend a review session is approximately 75%. The pass rate for those who don’t attend a review session is 25%.

    • Our longest serving member has been serving for over 20 years!


    Exam or Registration Questions - [email protected] 

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    From the Awards Committee

    Our 2021 Awards Ceremony will held at Karbach Brewery.  This will be our second annual event and will include project awards.  The following categories will receive awards.

    • Low-rise
    • Mid-rise
    • High-rise
    • Infrastructure
    • Repair & Restoration
    • Decorative

    The winners of these awards will be submitted to National for the Annual Awards presented at the Fall Convention’s Awards Gala. Stay tuned for our “call for awards” email - due out in the fall.

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