CP-10 Concrete Flatwork Finisher and Technician


    Concrete Flatwork Finisher is a craftsman who has demonstrated knowledge about and the ability to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure and protect concrete flatwork.  

    Concrete Flatwork Technician is a person who is knowledgeable about proper procedures to place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, cure and protect concrete flatwork, but who lacks sufficient work experience to qualify as a Concrete Flatwork Finisher.  

    Scope and Knowledge: 
    The primary technical resource for this program is ACI's Concrete Craftsman Series, Slabs on Grade, CCS–1. The program requires knowledge in the following areas of concrete construction:  

    • Planning for slab-on-ground placement 
    • Concrete materials, mixture proportioning, and control tests 
    • Preparation before placing concrete 
    • Floor flatness and levelness 
    • Placing equipment 
    • Finishing tools and equipment 
    • Procedures for finishing slabs-on-ground 
    • Jointing 
    • Curing and protection of concrete 
    • Finishing problems and possible solutions 

    Certification Requirements: 
    For Concrete Flatwork Finisher: ACI will grant certification only to those candidates who obtain a passing grade on the written examination PLUS either:  

    • Possess 1,500 hours of actual on-the-job finishing* experience (approximately one year of regular full-time work) AND successfully complete the performance examination**, OR 
    • Possess 4,500 hours of actual on-the-job finishing* experience (approximately three years of regular full-time work). 

    The two-hour written examination is closed-book and consists of approximately 50 multiple-choice questions. The passing grade for the written examination is 70%.  
    *Finishing experience includes concrete placement, consolidation, jointing, curing and protection, finishing, form setting, prep work, rubbing, patching, and saw cutting. Verification of the work experience by the candidate's employer(s) is required.  
    **During the performance examination, each examinee must place, consolidate, finish, edge, joint, begin curing, and provide initial protection for a concrete slab. The examiner will observe and evaluate the techniques used and record passing or failing grades on the various individual procedures. A passing grade is defined as "no significant variation from proper procedure and no more than two variations from proper technique in the use of the tools."  
    Recertification is necessary every five years and requires successful completion of a written examination.  
    For Concrete Flatwork Technician: ACI will grant certification to those examinees who obtain a passing grade on the written examination. Individuals with Flatwork Technician certification can upgrade to full Flatwork Finisher status upon submittal and approval of sufficient work experience or successful completion of the ACI performance evaluation.  
    Recertification is necessary every five years and requires successful completion of a written examination. 

    Study Material: 

    Although the workbook is included with the pricing, if you would like to get your workbooks before the workshop, you may arrange to pick it up from the ACI Houston Office. Workbooks will not be mailed. 

    Additional workbooks and study packages are also available from the ACI Bookstore. 

    A study guide that orients the examinee to the certification program and contains directions on how to prepare for the written examination and performance evaluation. All technical information is included as well as practice/study questions. Reference information from ACI includes CCS-1, “Slabs on Grade,” and SP-1, “Concrete Primer.” 

    Work Experience: 

    Program Policy:

    Nov 21

    CP-10 Concrete Flatwork Finisher and Technician

    Planning, proportioning, flatness/levelness, finishing