ACI Houston Chapter Excellence Project AWARDs

    The ACI Houston Chapter has opened nominations for its Annual Project Awards to be presented at the Awards Banquet on January 21st, 2021. Nominations close on November 20th, 2020. The cost to submit is $50 for the first submission and $25 for each submission thereafter by the same person/company. The below listed requirements should be carefully observed. Please note any attachments should be sent to, with one of the Project Award Categories listed in the subject of the email. 

    Award Project Categories:

    • Low-Rise Buildings/Structures: Up to three stories residential (multi-family and houses), school, commercial, warehouse and industrial, etc.
    • Mid-Rise Buildings/Structures: Four to fifteen stories
    • High-Rise Buildings/Structures: More than fifteen stories
    • Decorative: Decorative or architectural feature or element such as exterior or interior finishes, hardscapes, ornamentation, stained, stamped, or polished concrete, art installations, etc.
    • Infrastructure:Bridges, site structures, water resource structures, marine structures, other structures, etc.
    • Flatwork:Pavements, parking lots, runways, commercial/industrial floors, etc.
    • Repair and Restoration: overlays,rehabilitation, remodel, retrofitting, etc.

    Entry Requirements:

    • These awards will be recognized Annually.
    • Awards must be submitted electronically to the Awards Committee by the deadline. Non-electronic awards will not be accepted.
    • Submission must be via a member, in good standing, of the Houston Chapter.
    • Must be in the operating area of ACI Houston (Harris County and the area within a boundary created by the following counties: Calhoun, Victoria, Jackson, Colorado, Austin, Washington, Brazos, Grimes, Leon, Houston, Angelina, Jasper, Newton)
    • Committee may move nomination to category that is best suited for the project.
    • After presentation of the awards locally, the Awards Committee shall select at least one awardee for submission to ACI National for the Excellence in Concrete Award nominations.
    • The ACI Houston Chapter will not sponsor an award to ACI National that was not submitted locally. An exception to this rule would be an instance where local awards were not awarded in that given year (odd numbered year). The committee will have final decision-making authority and presented to the Board for final approval.

    Submission Requirements

    • Each entry must contain up to 500-word description of how concrete was featured in the project. It should also cover the complexity and uniqueness of the project and might include information such as:
      • special features of the concrete
      • degree of difficulty
      • project challenges
      • ecological & environmental factors
      • problem solving and/or design challenges.
    • The Entry must address the applicable judging criteria.
    • A minimum of five to a maximum of 12 photos shall be submitted with each entry. In lieu of one of the photos, the entry may include a 90-second time-lapse video. No animations will be accepted. Concrete should be featured in some of the photos and photos of construction of the concrete is encouraged.


    Judging will be accomplished by the Awards Committee.  If you are interested in serving on this committee as a judge, you must not have a project submitted for an award.  Please send an email with your interest to [email protected]

    Entries will be judged on the following criteria:

    • Architectural Merit
    • Engineering Merit
    • Creativity
    • Innovative construction techniques or solutions
    • Innovative use of materials
    • Ingenuity
    • Sustainability and resilience
    • Functionality


    Please contact:

    Kim Icenhower
    [email protected] 

    Project Entry Form