CP-92 Nondestructive Testing Specialist—Concrete Strength

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    A Nondestructive Testing Specialist—Concrete Strength is person who has demonstrated knowledge and ability to properly perform specified tests on hardened concrete by passing the ACI certification examinations.

    Scope and Knowledge:

    This program requires demonstration of the knowledge and hands-on skills covered on the Job Task Analysis (JTA):

    JTA for ACI Certification of Nondestructive Testing Specialist—Concrete Strength

    The JTA is a detailed list of specific points of knowledge and skills that may be included in the examinations for this ACI Certification program. ACI urges candidates to use the JTA to prepare for the certification exams.

    The program requires a working knowledge of the following ASTM test methods and practices:

    • ASTM C597 Standard Test Method for Pulse Velocity Through Concrete
    • ASTM C803/C803M Standard Test Method for Penetration Resistance of Hardened Concrete
    • ASTM C805/C805M Standard Test Method for Rebound Number of Hardened Concrete
    • ASTM C873/C873M Standard Test Method for Compressive Strength of Concrete Cylinders Cast in Place in Cylindrical Molds
    • ASTM C900 Standard Test Method for Pullout Strength of Hardened Concrete
    • ASTM C1074 Standard Practice for Estimating Concrete Strength by the Maturity Method

    Certification Requirements:

    ACI will grant certification only to those applicants who meet both of the following requirements:

    1. A passing grade on the ACI written examination; AND
    2. Successful completion of the ACI performance examination.

    The 90-minute written examination is closed-book and consists of approximately 70 multiple-choice questions. There are eight to twelve questions on each of the ASTM test methods and practices. To pass the written examination, BOTH of the following conditions must be met:

    1. At least 60% correct for each of the required test methods and practices; AND
    2. A minimum score of 70% overall.

    The performance examination is also "closed book" and requires actual demonstration of four of the required test methods and practices. The examinee is judged on his/her ability to correctly perform (or describe, where allowed) all of the required steps for each procedure.

    Certification is valid for five years; recertification at the end of that term requires successful completion of both the written and performance examinations.